This summary is going to explain the improvement I have done on my new web page the Small business website.

I have done several changes and improvements.I am going to number the changes bellow.
1.I had to change the layout of the images. I did this by readjusting the images dimensions without affecting the quality of the images. 2.I had to change all colours on the page, I change the colours to more brighter colours on the heading, navbar and footer. 3.I added a java script on the page. I had to add function for a java script which is placed under the header it tells the date and time and welcome message 4.I changed the typography on the page, I did this changes on typography by making sure that some texts are different in looks and positions 5.i made the site a mobile responsive site, the site is now mobile responsive site this is done by adding some screen media functions in the CSS page. 6.i have established a php page link on the first page of the site.this was added just to improve the site in general and for me also to get familiar on how php operate within the html format.